Sun Dried Tomatoes

I recently bought a dehydrator and have been playing around with it and have been having so much fun! Today I made some Sun Dried Tomatoes and I was soo impressed! It took about 6 hours but I didn’t have to monitor it whatsoever so I can’t complain. I sliced my Roma tomatoes and tossed them with a little salt and some Italian seasoning and just walked away.

6 hours later, they were mostly crispy but slightly fleshy; just the right consistency to jar them up! I placed them into a jar container with some garlic and fresh rosemary and covered them in olive oil.

I cannot wait to use these in my recipes and maybe…just maybe…use it for some Sun Dried Tomato pesto!





Natural, Sun Dried Method:

Don’t have a dehydrator? No problem! You’re just going to need to be a little bit more patient, but don’t worry it is soo easy and hands off that you have no excuse to not make these!Sun Drying method takes approximately 3 days

Dry in hot weather, with relatively low humidity.

-Place tomatoes, cut side down, in shallow wood-framed trays with nylon netting for the bottom of the trays. You can also place the tomatoes on a baking cooling rack or a mesh wire tray.

-Cover the trays with protective netting, a breathable cloth or cheesecloth.

-Place in direct sun, raised from the ground.on blocks or anything else that allows air to circulate under the trays.

-Turn the tomatoes over after about 1 1/2 days, to expose the cut side to the sun.

-Bring the trays in every day after sundown, or if the weather turns bad

**Once you use up all of your Sun Dried Tomatoes, keep the garlicy, tomtoey, herby infused olive oil and utilize it in your cooking for an extra flavorful olive oil.



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